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La Producción
Your Creative Partners

Our mission is to create thought provoking media that serves as a launch pad for social and cultural impact while elevating underrepresented voices in front of the camera and behind it.


Led by visionary filmmakers Marcos Nieves and Mario Torres Torres, we ground our content creation process in community, inclusion, and intersectionality. We work to provide a platform to amplify diverse voices by collaborating with skilled creatives and partners.


Marcos Nieves

Director - DP - Editor

Marcos Nieves (he/him) is a queer and Mexican immigrant director, DP, and editor. He began his work as an immigrant activist and social justice filmmaker. He directed and co-produced his first documentary, Almost American (2010), which screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival. He was a fellow at Brave New Films where his short digital documentary, Preying on Puerto Rico (2016), went viral within hours and reached over 7 million views. He went on to creating other viral videos that have reached over 30 million views. In 2017 he directed The Right to Thrive: Immigrant Voices in Healthcare, a three-part documentary series produced by The California Immigrant Policy Center. In 2018, he directed Police Brutality, a short documentary in the Decolonize Justice series produced by Latino Justice.


Now, his work has expanded to branded content, commercials, music videos, and narratives. He is a member of the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective and advocates to uplift the voices of undocumented filmmakers. His most recent work, Zoila (2020), had its premiere at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. He is now working on his next project My Queerceañera (2023).

Skills: Directing, Director of Photography, Editing, & Story & Creative Development.

Producer - Sound Mixer

Mario Torres Torres (he/they) is a Purepecha Indigenous filmmaker and activist based in Tongva Land, Los Angeles, CA. Born in Mexico and immigrating at the age of six has shaped the stories they tell. From a young age they have had a strong passion for filmmaking and storytelling. Sitting around a campfire drinking café de olla and listening to elders pass down their stories sparked their curiosity in the art of storytelling.


Now, they are pursuing a career as a film producer and sound engineer to continue the work of great creatives that push the boundaries of media. Their aim is to provide a restorative platform to dismantle the lack of diversity and amplify representation in visual culture. In 2018, Torres Torres received a B.A. in Television, Film and Media Studies from Cal State LA and is currently a leading member of the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective. 


Skills: Line Producing, Story & Creative Development, Sound Mixing.

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